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Book in low seasons, or on either side of a high or peak season. Costs, crowds and demand for accommodations and flights are at their highest during the December – February peak season.

Optimize sharing: You may pay anywhere from a thirty to fifty percent premium for a single room. Likewise, the more people splitting the cost of a private tour, the less it will cost.

Consider a mix of accommodation styles during your stay, from simple to luxury, and everything in between. Reserve the higher end stays for days and nights when you will most be able to enjoy them, and where possible, always save the best for the last.

Because a safari is typically the most expensive part of a South African tour, you may wish to limit costs elsewhere. The lodges will allow plenty of downtime between game drives to relax and fully appreciate your surroundings, whereas you may spend more time away from your accommodations while and touring the Cape and other destinations

Take advantage of group tours convenient to your location for more affordable travel to distant destinations, and use hop-on, hop off buses to access nearby tour sites at your leisure. Both offer highly experienced, knowledgeable guides who will provide local color and context along the way, as well as recommendations for other places to explore on your own.

Save private tours and drivers for destinations not accessible by tour transport companies, or when you have a customized agenda with specific places that you want to visit. The winelands are a place where people often choose to map out their own estate visits, and move around at their own pace.

Do-it-yourself driving tours may sometimes be affordable options, but they have their drawbacks: getting lost, steep parking fees at some hotels, and missing out on the many unsung sites along the way.

Purchase a flight that arrives in Africa during the day to maximize touring time and get the most out of your lodging costs.

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a boutique firm specializing in South African travel. From our flagship food and wine safaris, to tours tailored to you or your small group’s interests and timeline, to excursions in Southern Africa, we offer the ultimate in South African experiences.


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