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Medical Considerations

As with any overseas trip, it is always wise to check with your doctor, a medical clinic specializing in traveler’s medicine, and/or various web sites, such as the Center for Disease Control and the State Department, to understand local conditions, potential diseases, and desirable prophylactic immunizations or medicines. While Wildlife Safaris cannot provide medical advice, travelers to South Africa should be aware of the following–
Malaria – Malaria is caused by a mosquito-borne protozoan. It can be fatal or very debilitating. The northeastern part of South Africa, where most game reserves are located, is a malarial area. Risk is particularly high from September – May. Though drug resistance has built up in certain areas and with certain strains, readily available drugs taken before, during, and after exposure to malarial areas, depending upon the type of drug prescribed, are generally effective in preventing malaria, if taken exactly as prescribed. Any drug regime should be paired with efforts to avoid being bitten by mosquitos altogether (insect repellant, long-sleeved pants and shirts, socks, and being indoors from dusk to dawn all contribute to a bite-free trip).

Prescription drugs – Travelers should never assume that prescription drugs will be available elsewhere. Any regularly-taken prescription drug, including birth control pills, should be brought in quantities that allow for loss so that therapeutic cycles are not broken (and essential medications should be kept on one’s person whenever possible).

Over-the-counter drugs – If you are susceptible to allergies, be sure to bring your favorite anti-allergen. Even the hardiest and most seasoned travelers can fall prey to “the trots,” so also bring an anti-diarrheal. Because headache medicine tends to be very particular in its effectiveness, bring the type that works best for you.

Food and water in South Africa are clean, safe and world standard, and are generally not an issue for most travelers. However, as would apply for any travel anywhere, anti-diarrheal analgesics may be useful for those with sensitive systems or prone to digestive disruptions.
Again, it is always best to consult with your own physician prior to overseas travel to discuss your specific health considerations, as well as any country or regional health concerns.

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