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Views on tipping are often very personal, and among a group can vary widely in practice. The happier you are made by someone’s effort on your behalf, the higher your tip should be.

General guidelines in South African Rands (ZAR).

• Tour guides and drivers
Driver/Guide – ZAR 150 per person per day.
Guide – ZAR 100 per person per day.
Driver – ZAR 20 per person per day.

• Porterage:
Airport – ZAR 10 per bag
Hotel – ZAR 15 per bag

• Safari rangers and trackers
Guide – ZAR 150 per person per day.
Tracker – ZAR 75 per person per day.

• Waiters
Standard tip is ten percent (10%) of the entire bill
Note – be sure to confirm that a gratuity has not already been added to the check,
especially in larger parties (six or more).

• Chambermaids
Hotels – ZAR 10-20 per day
Note – at urban hotels your morning and turndown chambermaid may be different, recommend ZAR 20 per day for am, and ZAR 10 per day for pm.
Lodges – ZAR 30-50 per day
Note – Lodges will have same chambermaid for both am and pm

• General personnel
Note – Most often the ‘behind the scenes’ staff make your stay memorable, and an envelope with a few ZAR acknowledging their effort is always appreciated – this is particularly fitting at safari lodges.

• Car guards
These individuals operate completely independent of local parking officials, the latter who are identified by official gear, badges and telltale ticket printing machines. While there is no requirement for paying for anything beyond official local parking meters or spaces, many consider a very modest tip of ZAR 2 – 5 a small price to pay to avoid car break-ins or vandalism. If one feels menaced or threatened by potential “guards”, they should get back in their car and clear the area.

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