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The diversity of South Africa speaks to the culture, topography, and the weather. A day in the northeastern coastal area could be warm and sunny, while at the same time wet and chilly in the Cape. South African climates are the reverse of the US: flip forward six months from any US season, and you have a rough idea of that season in South Africa. Visit South Africa in the March – May timeframe – spring in the US – and you will find fall weather in much of the country, and in September – November, spring-like conditions, with flowers blooming, Both spring and fall are generally pleasant times to visit, as temperatures throughout the country are almost at parity.

Typically, in the northern part of the country, South African winters (June – August) are filled with warm, sunny days, and cold nights. These conditions, in conjunction with the low rainfall, make for prime game watching. At the same time, the beaches in tropical KwaZulu-Natal are packed with those escaping colder inland temperatures, while those in the Cape keep fires crackling in the hearth to escape the chilly, wet outdoors. But even those cool Cape days are mild by North American winter standards, and are often broken with sunshine and warmer temperatures – so be prepared to shed some extra layers during the day.

Nationwide, autumn (mid-February – April) is the least rainy season. In the summer “high season” (November – March) temperatures average 61-91° F in Cape Town, where it is not unusual for strong winds to blow in from the Atlantic, and inch up to 66-95° F in Nelspruit, the gateway to safari country. Typically, May – August brings South African winter weather, with the Cape experiencing frequent wet, blustery days, while the northern interior enjoys dry, warm days and cold nights.

During the winter months, travelers should bring a warm, wind-resistant coat and a sweater, preferably wool, hat and gloves – but be prepared to shed some of the warm gear when the sun comes out and things warm up during the day. For the remainder of the year, the days being bright and sunny, light, cool clothes that give protection from the sun are recommended, along with a brimmed hat and sunglasses.

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