Wild Life Wine Safaris

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Wild Life Wine Safaris

Experience the ultimate in nature and nurture on a unique African adventure, designed exclusively for you.


Owner / Travel Curator

Nancy Lifset

A former Capitol Hill staffer, Nancy discovered her true calling mid-career: African travel.

Nancy served 26 years in legislative staff positions in the U.S Congress, then as a corporate government relations director, but it was midway through her Capitol Hill career that she discovered her true calling:  African travel. Captured by the magic of the continent on her first visit to South Africa in 1998, she made repeated returns with friends hoping to “scratch the African itch.”  Instead, her African “reunions” convinced her it was time to chart a new course – so she left the working world and headed for an extended African stay in 2009.

Her time as a volunteer at a Namibian wildlife sanctuary and living in the Cape Winelands became the basis for their book, ” Back to the Wild Life.”

With over 200 pins

in her Winelands map

She is well on her way to achieving her goal of visiting every winery in South Africa.

Back in her hometown of Washington, DC, when she’s not pursuing her interests in all things Africa – art, culture, wine, food, politics and news – Nancy enjoys exploring the sights, sounds and tastes of the city, domestic getaways and spending time with family, friends and her beloved South African Mastiff.

While hosting a South African wine tasting after the release of her book, Nancy met Phyllis. They connected instantly over their mutual passion for African travel and desire to create a whole new niche in that market.. Combining Phyllis’ culinary and business experience in South Africa with Nancy’s in-depth knowledge of the Cape Winelands, they launched Wild Life Wine Safaris – the first food and wine-centric African travel boutique – in 2012.

Nancy’s passion for Africa burning brightly as ever, she returns to the continent at least twice a year to explore new destinations and venues, including a different “Winelands wander” each visit.