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Wild Life Wine Safaris

Experience the ultimate in nature and nurture on a unique African adventure, designed exclusively for you.


Owner / Travel Curator

Phyllis Stebbins

A native of Zimbabwe, Phyllis and her family moved to South Africa when she was 10 years old

Her fondest childroom memories are of travelling with her family throughout Southwhere she developed her lifelong love of wildlife and the bush. Having spent most of her life in the Stellenbosch wine district with relatives in the winemaking business, she experienced South African viticulture from vine to wine.

Temporarily drawn away from the Cape to pursue a culinary degree from the International Hotel School in Johannesburg, after several years in the north the vineyards and coastline beckoned her back home to a career-switch from culinary to corporate.

In the early ‘80s

She left South Africa exploring all corners of Europe

From Norway to Turkey, finally settling in Germany where she met her husband. Several years later, after long spells in the United States and Europe and unable to ignore the yearning and longing for Africa, they returned to her beloved Cape.

Along with her husband she ventured deep into the African bush on larger-than-life experiences exploring remote corners of Africa for months at a time. The overwhelming sense of wonder at nature’s splendor and deafening silence frequently punctuated by a lion’s roar or hyena’s cackle left little doubt that her African roots ran deep.

After the events of 9/11, her husband was recalled to serve in Iraq and they subsequently returned to the United States. There, she leveraged decades of business experience and entrepreneurship with an aptitude for numbers to acquire her Masters in Accounting degree. Whilst living in Washington DC, a serendipitous meeting with Nancy, as passionate about South African wine and Africa as herself, led to the inevitable creation of their travel company, Wild Life Wine Safaris.

Phyllis is

Living her dream

Using her years of professional and personal experience, knowledge, and love of the continent to share the best of Africa with Wild Life Wine Safaris’ clients.